"A dedicated, personalised translation service"

My profile

I’ve been working as a freelance translator since November 2011, have a Bachelors in French and German as well as a Masters in Translation and Interpreting Studies from the University of Manchester, part of the European Master's in Translation network, and specialise in healthcare and cosmetics translations. I’m also a member of two professional associations: IAPTI and the SFT.

Although born and raised in the UK, I spent a year living and working in Germany and France, and now live permanently in France, where I spend my days drinking coffee, buying fresh croissants from the local boulangerie, and translating from German and French into English.


Dedicated to my clients

As an international business, or one looking to expand internationally, you need translations you can trust, and service you can rely on. You can rest assured that I am always focused on delivering top quality translations tailored exactly to your needs, and am always here to help.

Dedicated to accuracy

As a translator, my job is to pay attention to the details of your texts, and make sure nothing gets lost in translation, so that the translation has the same impact as the original text. To do this, I carry out meticulous research to ensure that each word is exactly as it should be, and keep detailed glossaries to guarantee consistency, making texts more coherent.

Dedicated to excellence

Not only am I an experienced, qualified translator with a Masters in Translation, but I am also constantly improving and increasing my professional knowledge and skills in order to offer you the very best service. My continuing professional development focuses on staying current with innovations in healthcare, and keeping my technical writing skills sharp.

Dedicated to going the extra mile

I will always go the extra mile to make sure that your English texts are the best they can be. What’s more, I provide a number of other services which can help you to communicate with a wider audience, and can recommend reliable colleagues for translations into other languages – get in touch to find out more!